Total Goat Worship - Unholy Black Metal

29.08.2013: Last and final update.

This page has not been active for the last 6 years and have only been kept online as an archive for those who wanted to take a look into the past. The work of collecting Beherit info and keeping the release list updated has been taken over by many other homepages and as such I have not felt the need to spend my time on this project anymore.

When I initially created this page in its first form, back in the february 2000, it was very hard to find any info on Beherit online and the few sources was not very acurate or complete. So I started finding any info I could and slowly collect it for myself and any other interested people.

For this last update I have only cleaned a bit up, removed dead links and useless info. From now on I will no longer update this page. I have no plans to delete the page, but for the future it will just be a dead page kept here as an archive.

If anyone need to reach me, they can do so at

Hails to those who helped me on the way! Fuck off to those who opposed me!